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Recycling Fund Community Food Waste Pilot Project
Community leftover food waste transfer station

Funded by the Recycling Fund, we set up a food waste transfer station in Kwai Tsing District and provide food waste recycling services to collect leftover food and food waste from industrial, commercial and housing estates, and then send them to the transfer station for screening and diversion. Recycled leftover food and kitchen waste will be sorted and disposed of properly. Reusable food materials will be processed into hot food or donated to those in need, while inedible food waste will be transported to Siu Ho Wan Organic Resource Recovery Center for processing. The project hopes to achieve efficient food waste recycling, increase recycling volume and reduce municipal solid waste. We will also organize some training courses and promotional activities to promote the awareness of proper recycling of food waste and leftover food, hoping that the public can correctly sort and recycle food waste and leftover food.


The project will also use geographic information system (GIS) for data management and analysis. Through route planning, more efficient operation and carbon emission reduction can be achieved. In terms of fleet management, the Global Positioning System (GPS) will be used to monitor and collect vehicle locations to increase the flexibility of vehicle deployment. In addition, the vehicle speed can also be monitored through the system to understand the driver's driving attitude and improve driving safety.

If you are interested in our plan, please click  here​ Inquire for more detailed information.


Deliver food waste to our recycling centre

The participating organization could secure a proper outlet for their food waste well in advance of the rollout of the municipal solid waste charging scheme.

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